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  Here is your META - tag coding. 
Put it in the HEAD of your HTML document.

What is Title, Keywords and Description tags?

Title: 63 of 80 characters or/and 8-15 words.
Title must be keyword rich without "filler" or "dead" (such as "the," "and," etc.) if possible, while still making it readable. Title must consist of descriptive keywords along with business name on your home page. 

How and where users see the title?

a) Shows up on the top bar (title bar) at the top of web browser
 Blue bar at top of web browser containing the Title

b) Search engine page results display blue highperlink on top of each result block.
This by the way is good reference how long it should be since SE show only limited number of characters.
google shearsh result
As you see in above image if we do not use word and word craft will be visible on second line of title (blue text line).


Description: ?110 to 150 characters shown below title on search engine results.
Description - sentence or two describing the content of the webpage, using the main keywords and key phrases on this page. Don't include keyword and key phrases that don't appear on the webpage. Common problem for home page of website where we try to use as more key phrases as possible but actually text might appear on different page. * Tip: in home page situation we can use image title for image and alt tags to introduce links to other pages contents... After search engine crawl the page and index it show title for image link and alt tag as text on the page in cache view. See example for text only version here... and compare it to standard cache view (full view) here...


Keywords: 98 to 500 characters separated with coma.
Unless it is brand name (ex. Labelsonthefly) key phrases always better to use them single words ex .wedding, labels return much more results and most of the people did not type it like this.
Most of the user type wedding labels if they looking for one...

We need to be consistent but use different(slightly) set of above tags on different (ex. different categories) pages.

If some one way will say that Title, Keywords and Description tags suggest them to read either Google, Yahoo and MSN webmaster guide line. And make search on any search engine to see results.

As better we are for human readers higher we in search engine result.

However if Google measure web sites by about 200 criteria we agree that Title, Keywords and Description tags are very important but only 3 of that 200.

Recommendations for the Meta Google tags: The Meta Google tags are optional to use. You generally do not need to use Meta Google tags unless you want Google to do something specific with your site. The Meta Google tag is one of the few Meta tags Google will read, index, and obey.

Test Meta Title, Meta Key words and Meta Description Tags Leigh

Title Meta Tag 60 to 80 characters

(Maximum characters: 80)
You have characters left.

Description meta tag 110 to 150 characters, 20-25 words or less

(Maximum characters: 150)
You have characters left.

Keywords meta tag 100 to 500 characters

(Maximum characters: 500)
You have characters left.

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[dimgray] [dodgerblue] [firebrick] [floralwhite]
[forestgreen] [fuchsia] [gainsboro] [ghostwhite]
[gold] [goldenrod] [gray] [green]
[greenyellow] [honeydew] [hotpink] [indianred]
[indigo] [ivory] [khaki] [lavender]
[lavenderblush] [lawngreen] [lemonchiffon] [lightblue]
[lightcoral] [lightcyan] [lightgoldenrodyellow] [lightgreen]
[lightpink] [lightsalmon] [lightseagreen] [lightskyblue]
[lightslategray] [lightsteelblue] [lightyellow] [lime]
[limegreen] [linen] [magenta] [maroon]
[mediumaquamarine] [mediumblue] [mediumorchid] [mediumpurple]
[mediumseagreen] [mediumslateblue] [mediumspringgreen] [mediumturquoise]
[mediumvioletred] [midnightblue] [mintcream] [mistyrose]
[moccasin] [navajowhite] [navy] [oldlace]
[olive] [olivedrab] [orange] [orangered]
[orchid] [palegoldenrod] [palegreen] [paleturquoise]
[palevioletred] [papayawhip] [peachpuff] [peru]
[pink] [plum] [powderblue] [purple]
[red] [rosybrown] [royalblue] [saddlebrown]
[salmon] [sandybrown] [seagreen] [seashell]
[sienna] [silver] [skyblue] [slateblue]
[slategray] [snow] [springgreen] [steelblue]
[tan] [teal] [thistle] [tomato]
[turquoise] [violet] [wheat] [white]
[whitesmoke] [yellow] [yellowgreen]

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